About The Mustache Mesa Gals

We believe in fueling your body, feeding your mind and doing things that just make you feel good. We believe great things happen when gathered around the table, or mesa in this case. We invite you to come sit with us at ours as we chat with inspirational people with stories to share. 

Springtime Sando

Sando Bernstein

Sando is a structured-free-spirit who teaches elementary school is always up for a new creative project. Naturally reflective, easily distracted and usually amused she thrives on good energy, punny references and self-care rituals. She lives in her beloved historic hometown of Frederick, Maryland with her graphic designer - Marvel Comic loving - handsome - and hilarious boyfriend, two ornery cats and a puppy named Watson.

Springtime Sarah

Sarah Kurtanich

According to the stars Sarah is a Gemini. According to her Human Design chart, Sarah is a Generator energy type. Sing her any line from Wicked, Les Miserables or the like and she'll probably finish it for you because she can't contain herself. Sarah is an entrepreneur, wellness enthusiast and total sucker for anything chocolate + PB. She's a small town girl with a baby girl and darling husband. She'll probably never stop taking pictures of her food and loves taking long walks with her golden retriever.

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