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A Simple Winter Solstice Full Moon Ritual

A Simple Winter Solstice Full Moon Ritual


I’ve done something similar to this releasing ritual for a number of years now. This is an easy way to take advantage of the full moon solstice energy on Dec 21, but it’s something you could absolutely use to mark the end of any cycle in your life.

You’ll Need:

  • Music - at least two songs that are particularly inspiring to you now & won’t distract you too much as you remember and write.

  • Something to write with

  • Two pieces of paper

  • Matches & a SAFE place to burn one of the pieces of paper

  • A candle to help you create sacred space

To start - light your candle and take a few minutes to breath and center. Close your eyes. As you breathe in and out, notice how your breath feels in your body. Once you feel calm and comfortable open your eyes.

At the top of one sheet of paper, write something to the effect of “things to celebrate from 2018” on the other piece “things to acknowledge from 2018.”

Start with the celebrate page, turn on one of your chosen songs and for the length of it, write down everything you loved about this past year. This could be ANYTHING! Travel, new skills, new friends, accomplishments big and small, growth of any sort. Seriously anything you are happy happened in 2018 goes here. Obviously you can continue writing past the end of the song.

Next turn to the “things to acknowledge page.” This is where you will write down anything that you’d prefer to leave behind in 2018. From mistakes to heart aches, things you are not proud of, etc. NO ONE will see this except you. Press play on the second song and put your burdens on the page. This is about releasing that which no longer serves you. Again, continue writing after the song ends if called. This may feel uncomfortable and may bring up some feelings - don’t skip this part! It’s important to take time to process both the highs and the lows. Sit and notice, take deep belly breaths and then breathe some more.

When you feel you have written everything you can and want to, take your matches and your “acknowledge” page and SAFELY burn it. (AKA outside, away from anything else that could catch fire. I happen to have a fireplace in my backyard.) Alternative methods - place the page in a body of running water, tear it up and throw it away.) The goal here is to physically release it. My favorite method just happens to be fire.

Once that’s done, fold up your celebrate page and hold it close to your heart as you blow out your candle.

If you like to keep such things, tuck your celebrate page away somewhere special.

*This ritual was inspired by the work of Molly Mahar.*

Photo of fire pit by Ezra Comeau-Jeffrey via Unsplash
Photo of full moon by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

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